Walmart may be the most community-engaged company on Roblox.

Many companies came to the Roblox metaverse, but Walmart was the highlighted one from all of these.

3 min readNov 24, 2023

When I say many companies came to Roblox, I mean hundreds or even more! There are music companies, like Spotify, sports companies, such as Nike, and many others that we didn’t even know about. There are so many that it is easy to find anything on Roblox. But, of all the companies, Walmart got the spotlight.

They started with Walmart Land, a common sponsored game where you must collect coins to obtain free items, like any other.

But they weren’t satisfied with the common: they wanted more. So, they hosted Eletric Fest, an online concert, on their own game. It was a big thing, even if it didn’t get as good as other concerts.

However, they decided to do something that brought them upon any other company in the Roblox universe: sponsor and participate in a community event. Remember all the Walmart ads in RB Batlles season 3? No other company had done such a thing before.

After the end of RBB3, they didn’t suddenly disappear. They continued hosting new events and getting near the community. An example was Halloween, when they made a scavenger hunt event in their partners' games. Maybe the next Egg Hunt will be made by Walmart… Who knows?

Also, they’re one of the only companies I see frequently using Immersive Ads. In any experience there is a billboard, Walmart is there.

They’re now sponsoring a game that allows you to discover more of the Roblox Community. There are competitions and recommendations for new UGC items and creators from time to time, allowing you to know new people and items easily.

Because of all this, and much more, I believe Walmart is the most community-engaged company on the Roblox metaverse.